Finding a Girlfriend or.. Just a Friend on Kik

kik-friendsEver feel lonely and need someone to chat with and share your common interests? The Kik app allows you to find and meet new friends with relative ease. It lets you discover kik girls and their male counterparts alongside their usernames.

What is Kik Messenger?
Known simply as kik, it refers to a proprietary instant messaging software app designed for mobile devices. It’s available free of charge on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems.

It uses your smartphone’s data plan or WI-FI to send and receive messages, videos, photos, mobile web pages, sketches, and other content once you’ve registered a username. Kik Messenger is freer and faster compared to text messaging. It’s also more life-like than to other messaging applications.

App Description
It is crazy-fast and connects you to your friends in real time. You can use it to chat, plan outings with groups, and share your pictures and videos privately. It helps you stay connected to those people who happen to matter most in your life.


Instant notifications
The app notifies you when a message has been sent, delivered and read.

Picture sharing
Share the moments as they unfold or share them right from your gallery.

Group chat
It allows you to create a group on the go by just adding friends to the conversations.

– It’s hands-down the fastest messaging app that connects people in real time
– No adds
– No messaging fees
– Beautiful look and feel
– Push notifications
– Offline messages

– It eliminates the personal interaction because you can’t receive the real emotion of the person with whom you are conversing.
– At times the app keeps crashing and needs new installation

How easy is it to find a kik girlfriend?
Finding a new girlfriend on Kik messenger has never been this easy. The app allows you to find new Kik names and meet users from across the globe. Also, there are sites that enable you to find a kik username quickly and start your conversation.

Sites like the and provide the female usernames quickly and for free. You can also submit yours and find open-minded guys and girls interested in your sexting. Make new friends, meet them and exchange different contents on kik. You can then flirt and date with guys and girls with relative ease.

Furthermore, you’re permitted to search for a girlfriend by age. You can view their profile pictures before starting a conversation with them. Kik exists to create gorgeous memories that last a lifetime. Join thousands of users with similar interests and share your experiences.

The app binds people anywhere across the globe. You can send emails to your circle of friends without one on one interaction. And, if your message is important, it’ll be distributed to each member promptly. Use the amazing kik to send unlimited text to any person without having to worry about the extensive bill monthly. It’s worth a try!