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Age: 27 yo
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I noticed many men are on line only interested in hanging out, sharing same hobbies or hooking up with different women right away. It looks like it's going to be tough to find good qualities guys are still interested in finding just 1 woman for serious long term relationship. I'm not interested to hook up with different guys and I'm not willing to take a chance to catch diseases with different partners. If you're still a little boy, very selfish, afraid of getting too serious with women, not planning on having family in the future and looking for different women to play around with for the rest of your life, then I don't have time for you. Please find some other profiles. I'm only interested to meet a guy, who has Cla55s, Good Morals, Intelligent, Mature, Real Man, Non Flaky, Kind, Generous, nice to other people and he's willing to Respect Women. Life is getting tougher out there. So, I decided to have Only 1 kid instead of trying to hang around longer with the wrong person and ended up having more kids with the wrong person or different people. I have my own place with my 17 years old son, he's living with me. He's old enough to take care of himself. Next year, he'll be turning 18 years old and he's planning on joining the military. I don't really want for him to go away from me because I'll be missing him very much, but it's his choice to serve our country. He doesn't want to depend on his mom for the rest of his life and he wants to be independent, at the same time, he'll be exploring around the world and learning new skills for jobs. So, I'm very proud of him! I have been working very hard to get ahead with my life by working on Swing Shift during Weekdays. For my Second Job, every Saturday and every other Sunday on Day Shift, I have a chance to drive the company car for the Lab to Scappoose, Astoria, Seaside, Hillsboro, Newberg and McMinnville. I'm not interested to meet Losers. He should be a Hard Worker, Independent, Responsible, His Own Cell Phone, His Own Car, He should be Strong Minded and Intelligent Enough to Stand Up on his Own Feet by not Depending From Other People. If you're Not Losers, you got all your Act Together and You know What You Want! I'm interested to meet you to start out as friends, then we can go from there! If I Don't Respond Back To You, That Means I'm Not Interested! Please Don't try to Send Me Another Message! I'm still looking very young for my age and I'm looking for the same with my partner. Please take good care of your Face and your Body. You don't have to be Totally Fit, just to make sure you're not too skinny and not Overweight.
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