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Age: 22 yo
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Here is my wish....A nearly static wish on both the etherreal and nearly so. To receive a bunch of wildflowers on a pleasant enough day, ohhhh say today. I do not claim to be a realist, foisted on the petard of pure reason, sanity and rock, however, wishes of true wants, Walter Mitty, for all his dreaming, remained in a parked car, Where I, or most anyone, to set myself afloat upon the currents of boundless wannabeism, I would surely lose whatever feeble connection with reality I possess. Yes we can tell each other stories, we can roleplay with each other, we can fantasize and play with each other and ourselves, HOWEVER, unless we agree to co-author a book together...a leash of violet silk and black leather gloves must refrain me from the precipice of I know not quite what, and yet for all the allure, I don't want to learn firsthand from a keyboard conversation. Ok then, Now that you know I am a raving, though cute lunatic, arent you glad we havent met? If you fit this description, there are a few more things to know about me. Never and say NEVER leave the lid up. KEEP the clothes that require "SPECIAL CARE" out of the hamper or suffer the consequences. Referring back to the toilet, ( I'm so glad we know each other well enough that we can talk about these things ) I buy only the finest of papers, toilet paper that is, nothing can be too good for my tush. I'm very picky about my paper towel too. Now don't get me wrong, To some people color and design don't matter, but I am BIG on color coordination. I've probably told you I HATE TO COOK, but I can keep all restaurants in numerical or alphabetical order. YOUR CHOICE. We will discuss the color of the countertops at a later date. You probably dont know as of yet that I'm a popsicle fanatic. So naturally we will have a fridge next to our freezer. Hmmm let's see our bedroom...Naturally our drapes will be a deep scarlet, a king size bed with four posts or other designs on which we can attach silk cordings. The ceiling light will be beyond the foot of the bed for obvious reasons. The ceiling itself will be smoked mirrors. I rather like the idea of upholstered walls, that way things wont go bump in the night, or evening, or morning or afternoon, if you know what I mean. Shall I proceed??? I want to whelm you without causing angst.You must be pa55sionate in everything you do. Especially when you have me up against a wall.You must be HONEST. Tell me what's on your mind, I can deal with it, I'm a big girl. You must take care of youself, I don't date men with bigger b-00b5 then myself. You must be caring, kind, compa55sionate, sweet, ss-3xy, sensual, daring,spontanious. No games allowed, it's no fun playing, I will always win! I'm so sorry I have cinged your eyes with this letter, I do at times get carried away my love. It's not a wild horses kinda thing, if you ask I will go nicely.
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